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Product Management
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As Product Manager - API Platform, your job will be to provide a platform for other product squads within Elsevier to publish APIs to their customers. The platform includes API authentication, throttling, and analytics; integration of APIs with Elsevier's identity management solutions and fulfillment systems; and interfaces to core data services. You will be part of a product group who jointly own the shared capabilities used by Elsevier's flagship products such as ScienceDirect, Scopus, Mendeley, and ClinicalKey. You and your squad will be deeply embedded with other product squads, working alongside them to create the next generation of reading, evaluation and information workflow tools for researchers, institutions and funders across the world.


Your main job will be to be the product owner in a product squad. You will:

• Be responsible for the roadmap of the API platform, identifying and prioritizing solutions to common challenges in API management and deployment
• Identify API use cases that need to be supported by common, shared data services, and define requirements for APIs to these services
• Take a data-first approach to product development: you will ground any decision to build or kill a feature in user research and analytics
• Create and continuously improve an amazing onboarding experience for product squads
• Be a thought leader in platform-based product development


You will be successful in this role when Elsevier's product organization is solving users' problems consistently faster, better and more efficiently than ever before.


Your daily activities will include:

• Attending your team's daily scrum meetings, backlog grooming and sprint planning sessions as a product owner
• Updating the product roadmap for the API platform and writing stories for its development backlog
• Discovery of problems that product squads commonly face in publishing APIs, and testing solutions to these problem
• Liaising with other product squads to help them publish their APIs on the API platform, and gather their feedback
• Interaction with outward-facing API product managers to identify common usability issues across APIs, and gaps in Elsevier's API offerings
• Writing stories/requirements for APIs to core data services
• Tracking and socializing developments within the wider information and software industry around API management.


Key Result Areas

Main Activities and Responsibilities:

Product Management 

• Managing the entire lifecycle for a set of capabilities from strategic planning to tactical activities;
• Compiling a roadmap, and specifying detailed stories for current and future features by communicating with internal stakeholders, users and customers; and by analyzing data needs and opportunities;
• Owning a product holistically - not only development, but also onboarding, support, documentation and messaging;
• Developing and maintaining personas to guide product development;
• Learning and keeping up to date with best practices in product development; including agile and data driven product management, and platform product management


Needs Analysis, Collaboration and Documentation 
• Developing a detailed understanding of how product squads deliver functionality to meet use cases in different customer segments;
• Identifying common pain points, unmet needs, and inefficiencies in the product delivery process;
• Collaborating with users and stakeholders in the prioritization, design and implementation of solutions to solve these problems;
• Systemically and continuously collecting feedback on the quality of these solutions;
• Documenting solutions for a variety of audiences: product managers, engineers, and designers on all seniority levels


Strategy and Planning 
• Setting priorities based on sound and consistent application of KPIs (revenue, retention, cost, time to market) in conjuction with team leadership and stakeholder product groups;
• “Selling” ideas and concepts to internal stakeholders and senior management based on data and other insights, and communicating the value proposition and key benefits of the platform to a wide range of stakeholders;
• Identifying the non-development tasks and processes required to make a delivery platform successful
• Recognizing and articulating the network effects of platform-based product development


Stakeholder management 
• Stakeholder management, relationships management;
• Driving adoption across multiple teams


Key Competencies

Solves Problems and Analyzes Issues
• Is able to ask effective questions and collect facts from multiple sources in order to solve problems.

• Is able to effectively identify and analyze problems and propose solutions.
• Effectively manages daytoday issues and problems without intervention.


Communicates Powerfully and Prolifically
• Provides a definite sense of direction and purpose.
• Provides people with a clear understanding of how their work fits within a wider organisation.
• Delivers presentations clearly and with high impact.
• Develops a trusted 2way communication interface between the team and stakeholders.


Technical and Professional Expertise
• Applies a depth of knowledge and understanding to own work  and relates to overall business context.
• Applies a breadth of knowledge across multiple functions and projects on behalf of the team.
• Actively champions the team’s technical knowledge within the organisation.
• Sought out due to indepth knowledge and experience.


Drives for results
• Builds commitment in others for their individual and team objectives.
• Communicates expectations clearly.
• Promotes a strong sense of urgency for reaching goals
• Follows through on commitments to ensure they are successfully completed and goal are achieved.
• Follows through on commitments to ensure goal achievement.


Functional and Technical Competencies 

Product Management
You have a relentless passion for solving users' problems. You possess a unique blend of domain expertise and technical savvy; a big picture vision, but yet also have an eye for detail. You have the drive to make your vision into a reality: use data to sell your idea to stakeholders and senior management — and be able to implement your ideas through effective execution. You should be comfortable with agile development practices with an emphasis on roadmap development and priotisation, engaging developers and users for developing and testing designs, and writing good user stories. You are familiar with product management practices/frameworks such as SVPG, and understand the difference between managing user-facing products and managing shared capabilities.

You have a solid functional understanding of web API technologies: REST principles, communication over HTTP, messaging and data formats such as JSON and XML, and various authentication technologies (such as OAuth).  You have experience writing code and know how to do statistically sound quantitative analysis. You have a conceptual understanding of architectural approaches to back-end development, of IaaS/PaaS, and are comfortable in engaging closely with development teams to communicate business needs and understand technical tradeoffs.

Customer Focus
You enjoy spending time with other product squads to get to know their use cases, understand their problems, and find innovative solutions to solve these problems within the context of the broader platform strategy

Communication and Documentation
You must be able to communicate with all areas of the company and build strong relationships with your stakeholders. You have a propensity for organising written information in a concise and clear way, and building tools to allow curation and discovery of that information. You know how to succintly explain the business value of, and basic concepts behind, complex technical solutions to senior management and non-technical staff.  


Education, Knowledge, Skills and Experiences (and any other requirements)   

Required qualifications:

• 4+ years experience in product management / development, in a product, tech or program/project role
• Advanced degree or equivalent professional experience.
• Strong planning and project management skills, including a demonstrated ability to work to deadlines and juggle multiple projects
• Strategic and analytic thinker
• Quantitative / statistical skills
• Excellent communication and presentation skills, fluent in English.
• Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority; experienced in stakeholder management
• Creative/innovative thinking


Recommended qualifications:
• Experience writing code
• Experience in serving the global market and working in an international environment
• An affinity for the world of science and research  











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